Making Tax Digital There has been much talk in the press recently of upcoming changes to the way businesses and individuals are going to need to report details of their tax affairs to HMRC, this is called ‘making tax digital’. Below is a brief guide of what we currently know about HMRC’s plans to implement… Read More

HMRC – scanned electronic receipts and paperwork Question: “I run a small limited company and I have a lot of paperwork filed for invoices and receipts. If I keep electronic copies of this paperwork can I get rid of the originals? Do HMRC have any rules on this?”     Answer, Jan 2017 It used… Read More

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VAT Flat Rate Scheme Changes 2017 – Limited Cost Traders On 23rd November 2016, as part of the Autumn Statement, HMRC announced that they would be bringing in changes to the VAT flat rate scheme from April 2017. This article is to update you of the changes which will come in to affect from 1 April… Read More