Is customer entertaining allowable for tax? I run a small limited company and take clients and potential clients out for lunches and dinners on quite a regular basis – a typical month might see 10 – 15 meetings – are these customer entertaining costs tax allowable and what records do I need to keep?  … Read More

Contractor Travel Expenses Question, Contractor Travel Expenses: I am a limited company contractor and I have been working on an 18 month contract which is based at Cannon Street in the city of London (this was my first contract). My contract is due to finish soon after which I will be taking on a 12 month… Read More

VAT Flat Rate Scheme and Buying a Computer I am a freelancer operating through a limited company which is VAT registered on the flat rate scheme. I understand that being on the flat rate scheme means that usually VAT cannot be claimed back on my costs, however I am about to buy a new laptop and I… Read More

IT contractor closing down a limited company I am an IT contractor and have been trading through my limited company for eight years. I am the sole director and shareholder. I have been offered a role as a full time employee which I am going to accept. I don’t see the need to keep my company… Read More

I run a small PR agency as a limited company where I am the only director and shareholder although I have a few employees. For the 2016/17 tax year I will have £11k of salary and £60k of dividends I will extract from my company, with no other income from anywhere else. I know there… Read More