Updated April 2016

A question we are often asked is what items need to be included on a personal tax return so we have included below a list of typical tax return items that should be considered for your tax return (SA100).

Typical Personal Tax Return items:

  • Student loans
  • Interest received from banks and building societies (excluding tax free ISA accounts) (include personal and joint accounts)
  • Dividend income (including from your own company)
  • Pension income
  • Overseas income
  • Employment income
  • Redundancy pay / compensation
  • Benefits from employment (you will be given a P11d form by your employer if relevant)
  • Sole Trader business income / profits and personal use %’s
  • Partnership / LLP business income / profits
  • Property rental income
  • CIS vouchers
  • Tax coding notices
  • Trust income
  • Capital gains (assets disposed including shares and property)
  • Chargeable events certificates on certain bonds and life assurance policies
  • Child Benefit – if you or your partner earn over £50k new rules came into place in Jan 2013
  • Other state benefits (incl. Jobseeker’s allowance and Carer’s allowance)

Possible tax relief items include:

  • Charitable gift aid donations & charitable covenants
  • Personal pension contributions
  • Interest paid on loans for which you believe you are entitled to tax relief
  • Professional subscriptions in relation to employment
  • Mileage claims where employer has paid lower than the standard rate (45p/25p)