Working from your own home office is becoming more and more popular and is likely to be the way of the future – it is what we do, as do many of our clients. You can run modern small businesses from just about anywhere if you have a good IT infrastructure and the best thing is that you get to design your home office to be exactly how you want it.

Here are some tips we have learned from running our home offices:

  • Make sure you have as fast and reliable a broadband connection as possible even if this means paying a little extra. If you have cable consider getting your provider to come out and install a cable direct into your home office so it’s more reliable a connection than wireless.
  • Invest in good equipment – anything that will make you more productive and more comfortable in your office is a worthwhile investment – it might be a second monitor (we have this one here which is excellent), a faster computer, a decent scanner such as the ScanSnap or an ergonomic chair.
  • Try to make your office a separate room where you can shut the door and keep the kids out when you need to and make sure everyone understands the rules that if the door is shut you’re working and not to be disturbed!
  • Sometimes it’s good to change your working environment and popping along to a local coffee shop is a great and inexpensive way to do this.
  • You might want to consider if you need a land line for your office instead of a mobile phone, it depends on your business and your client profile – you can get VOIP phone packages these days that are inexpensive and reliable.
  • Read this great book “Remote” which is written by the guys behind Basecamp and gives you lots of tips on how to work remotely from a home office.
  • Leave work behind – the tricky thing is knowing when to draw a line with your work time – when you work at a traditional office you have the daily commute which serves as a natural time break between your work and personal life – working from home this is much trickier – you have to be disciplined to shut your office door and not check your emails on your phone.