“I am a freelance web developer and have a lot of monthly recurring invoices I send to clients for support and hosting. How can I use FreeAgent to automate this process?”

fa inv site



The ability to automate the sending of recurring invoices is a great time saving feature of FreeAgent. Here is our step by step guide on how to do it:

Find a previous invoice you have sent that you want to use as a basis for future automated invoices to that client. Once you have found the invoice select it and on the right hand side select the “More” drop down box and then select “Create recurring profile from this invoice” – see below.

fa inv more

This will then bring up some options for your recurring invoice – select the start date for when you want the first invoice to be automatically sent out and the frequency of how often the invoices should be sent. If there is no end date then leave the “until” box blank.

fa inv 2

At the bottom click on the “More Options” box. There is then a tick-box for “Email this invoice automatically using my default template” – tick this (see below screenshot).

fa tick auto

Then scroll down and select “Create New Profile”. This brings up a new screen. You need to check that the details look correct and then check the date sequence at the top which will show the next 3 dates the invoice will be sent out.

fa inv act

If you’re happy everything is correct click “Activate”

Job Done 🙂