Self-Employed Tax Calculator

We have devised a simple free excel self-employed tax calculator for UK self-employed freelancers / sole traders.

It will calculate an an estimate of your tax bill as well as telling you what % of your income you should be putting aside for tax.

This calculator has been updated for the 15-16 tax year (6th April 2015 to 5th April 2016) although a tax calculator for the previous year, 14-15, is also available for download below.

15-16 Tax Year Self-Employed Tax Calculator download HERE

14-15 Tax Year Self-Employed Tax Calculator download HERE

This calculator has been created for use by people who only have self-employed income and don’t have a student loan – if you do have a student loan you’ll need to factor in what repayments are due on this.

The calculators also assume that you have a standard personal allowance (your tax free allowance).

Self-Employed Tax Calculator

Other key assumptions are listed below:

  • Your only source of income is from your self-employment
  • You have a standard personal allowance (for 15-16 this is £10,600)
  • You do not have to make repayments of your student loan
  • No capital allowances / charges (tax affect of capital assets)
  • No child benefit repayments
  • No personal pension contributions and no gift aid donations
  • Ignores Class 2 NI as this is currently paid outside of your tax return
  • Only works if your profits are below £100k
  • Does not factor in any payments on account

Our self-employed tax calculator is to be used as an illustrative guide only.