Having a simple payroll system as part of FreeAgent has long been one of it’s great features but you didn’t used to be able to get a P60 report from it – you can now!

First, what is a P60? It is simply a form that summarises an employees total pay and tax deducted for the tax year and should be given to any employees who are still working for your business on the last day of the tax year (5th April).

FreeAgent Accountants

To get your P60 forms login to your FreeAgent account then go to “My Money” , “Payroll”

Screenshot 2015-04-15 05.32.45

Then you’ll see the below screen. First check the tax year is correct and also make sure your final month 12 RTI return has been filed with HMRC.


To get your P60 go back to the top of the screen and select “My Money” , “Salary” , then choose the employee and the tax year and on the right hand side you’ll see the “View P60” button

Screenshot 2015-04-15 05.40.54

Click this and your P60 will appear which you can then download as a PDF. Repeat this for all your employees and then give them a copy of their P60.