Does a Director need to do a personal tax return I am a Director of a Limited Company and am not in Self-Assessment – do I need to register with HMRC for Self-Assessment?   Update : Please be aware that there are changes to how dividends are taxed from April 2016 which changes this article… Read More

ARTICLE HAS NOW BEEN UPDATED FOR THE 14-15 TAX YEAR If you have a UK Student Loan balance that was taken out after August 1998 then HMRC is responsible for collecting the repayments. For the 2014-15 tax year (6th April 2014 to 5th April 2015) you will have to pay HMRC 9% of any of… Read More

Travel rules for the self-employed are a little different than for those who operate through a Limited company. We have outlined on our blog post HERE how to claim motor travel costs, but we must first of all be sure that the travel in question is an allowable expense. It is all about the ‘base of… Read More

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This post is for the self-employed – not Limited companies (which operate under Corporation Tax rather than Personal Income Tax) A recurring issue for the self-employed is the question of how much tax to put aside for their ‘tax pot’. What you do not want to happen is to get hit with an unexpected tax… Read More