We love using the Macbook Air, it just zips along super fast , especially with the SSD drive, but one thing that was driving us mad was the standard “Finder” app (file manager / explorer) was a bit slow and also couldn’t do one thing we really needed to do – Cut and Paste. After a bit of… Read More

Many small business owners are all too aware that you can have a very profitable business but if your cash flow is tight it can cause you huge amounts of stress and push your business right to the edge – and sometimes over it. Being aware of how the cash flow of your business model(s)… Read More

We love our business books at JF Financial as we have a passion for understanding what makes businesses successful and we wanted to share with you an excellent book we have read recently called Becoming a Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison This book provides some great ideas and case studies on how to… Read More

Clearly we are somewhat biased here, however we thought it would be useful to outline five key reasons to hire an Accountant, some of them might be obvious, but not all. If you are a small business, freelancer or a contractor, every penny matters, you need to make sure that money is being spent wisely and adds… Read More

Directors Loan Account Most Directors of small companies have two key controls / restraints around money that they borrow from a Company (even if it’s their own Company) through their Directors loan account. This article has been updated at Apr 2017 for current rates If they borrow more than £10k at any point from their… Read More