Accounting Services for Photographers

At JF Financial we’re a small online accounting firm who specialise at working with creative clients including photographers.

Many of our clients are freelance photographers or run photography businesses and we are able to offer them tailored tax planning advice and services.

Why choose JF Financial?

  • Experienced photographer accountants
  • Year-round email and phone support
  • Small team of accountants offering a personal level of service
  • Fixed monthly accounting fees
  • FreeAgent experts

Photography Accounting Services

Should you run your photography business as a limited company or sole trader?

We have a mix of photography clients some of whom are limited companies and others sole traders. Typically a limited company will be more tax efficient and look more professional to prospective clients, however we will discuss your particular circumstances to ensure your business is structured in the best way for you.

What is the tax treatment for camera equipment?

Typically camera equipment will be treated as a fixed asset with the cost depreciated over 3-5 years in your business accounts. When it comes to the tax treatment you will usually be able to claim the full cost in the year of purchase by using a capital allowance called the ‘annual investment allowance’.

In plain English, you’ll usually be able to claim full tax relief in the year you buy the equipment, we’ll take care of this when we do your tax returns.

I am a freelance photographer and do a lot of work from my home office, can I claim any ‘home office’ expenses?

Usually you can claim a fair proportion of your home running costs as a business expense. There are various rules as to what can be claimed and when we do your accounts we will calculate your ‘use of home as office’ claim for you.

What accounting software do you recommend for photographers?

Most of our clients use an easy to use online accounting system called FreeAgent.

FreeAgent is really well suited to photographers, the key benefits being:

  • Online system accessible from any device or computer
  • Easy to raise and send  invoices to your clients
  • Keep on top of your business expenses with simple bank feeds

We’re FreeAgent accredited accountants and we include a free subscription to FreeAgent as part of our fixed monthly accounting fees.


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