Many people these days are attracted to the world of self employment and freelancing and there are a growing number of the UK’s freelancers that are working from home. It makes complete sense – you cut down on the stress and time of commuting, you get to work from the comfort of your own home… Read More

It is quite a popular option amongst our micro company, freelancer and contractor clients to work from a garden office, so we have outlined the tax implications of this below (this is for people trading through a Limited Company). Corporation Tax Your company can pay for the full cost of the garden office assuming it… Read More

Working from your own home office is becoming more and more popular and is likely to be the way of the future – it is what we do, as do many of our clients. You can run modern small businesses from just about anywhere if you have a good IT infrastructure and the best thing is that… Read More

When you are self-employed you can charge your business for it’s use of your home, providing the costs are justifiable of course. We will do a post on how to calculate this in the future, but for now we want to let you know how you can charge your own Limited company rent as this… Read More