Question: “I have recently started contracting through my own limited company and I use my mobile phone for both personal and business purposes. How much of the cost can I claim in my Limited company?” Answer: The short answer is you can claim the full cost of your mobile phone through your limited company on the proviso that… Read More

Question: I run a small web development business through a limited company. I am the only employee of the business but I do work with a few other developers who I subcontract work out to. I am considering taking a part time MBA course that will further develop my technical and business skills and am wondering… Read More

Question: I run a small creative agency, trading as a Limited Company, and I use my bike all the time for business travel – is there any way I can claim the costs back from my business? Answer: There are two possibilities for claiming bike costs from a Limited Company: If you use your bike mainly… Read More

It is quite a popular option amongst our micro company, freelancer and contractor clients to work from a garden office, so we have outlined the tax implications of this below (this is for people trading through a Limited Company). Corporation Tax Your company can pay for the full cost of the garden office assuming it… Read More